so hectic.

hello hello!  This is going to have to be rather quick.  I have just a little bit while waiting on jon to get ready for us to run by lowe's and then to our small group gathering at the haff's.  Anyways...hmmmm...i  really don't know where i have left off but here are some highlights.  The biggest thing is that we went on the carriage ride in ft. inn last night.  I hurried and made a meat loaf (which was VERy yummy)  so we could get on the road b/f it got too late.  We got the rides and Santa was there!!!  Anna was so thrilled and of course Ava looked at him like "if you touch me!"  LOL!!!  ANyways... we got on the carriage and wanted to go on the inn circle ride but there was a line so we went on the main street.  We were enjoying our ride and looking at all the lights and having fun learning about our horse Ben.  It was so nice!  The weather was GREAT!!!  SO we were headed back on the carriage and i hear tires squealing.  Yep.  We got hit.  A chevy TRUCK hit the back of the carriage HARD!  Anna was thrown in the floor board and i almost had a heart attack!!!  We had to sit there until the police and carriage people inspected the carriage and gave us the clear.  Then the police had to get our names.  What an ordeal!?!?!  I just thank GOd that it wasn't any worse!  We could (anna especially) have been seriously hurt!  God had his hand on us!  we got back home and jon's cousin justin, and his girlfriend courtney stayed with the girls while they slept for me and jon to go to a friend surprise b-day get together at Brixx.  So much fun!!!

So, today i dropped my girls with jon's mom for their nap and headed to Target.  I just love it there except they take a lot of my moolah!   Too many cute things!  We got anna a pink and white polka dot wilson tee ball glove and a pink ball and couple of months ago and she LOVES it when jon plays ball with her in the yard.  I had to hold myself back today b/c they also have a pink bat bag, a matching pink and white dot bat, and black cleats with pink trim.  OK!  How cute is that!?!?  But i held myself back and opted for some hello kitty stocking stuffers and a large SOFT bat and ball for her to practice with!  We are going to only be able to play with it a certain times b/c i know ava's head would become the ball.  I'm really excited about this christmas!  Anna has just put so much magic in this season!  Her eyes light up at everything!  I can't wait until Christmas morning when she sees that santa brought her a pretty playhouse!!!!  Oh, the tears will be flowing!  God has given us this awesome time of year and i'm so glad my family is able to just enjoy it.   Well, i need to get our games together and our white elephant gifts to take to the party tonight.  I will hopefully post some pics this weekend.  Oh, and i have to keep anna and ava occupied christmas eve for like 3 hours.  Does anyone have any ideas?!?!?!


Megan said...

I've just now had a chance to catch up on your blog and saw the part about the horse drawn carriage accident and was like, "I read an article about that on wyff4.com!" It didn't list the names but I'm sure it was you. I'm glad everyone is okay!