ava's black eye!

Allison's mom is in the hospital so i kept Bleeze for a bit today.  He and anna had so much fun playing house!  Here is a cute pic of them!  
Ok... Ava has fallen rather climbed i guess out of her high chair 3 times!  1 time ems came and the other time we knew how to deal with it.  I strap the child in and I mean so tight i'm afraid it will hurt her.  She is hudini (sp?).  She got out and as i turned around she was falling.  This all happened mon.  I saw her face and freaked!!!  I took her to the dr. immediately and was just crying in the waiting room.  My goodness i felt horrible about it!  Here are some pics of the after effects.  I took these today!  My poor baby!  She is fine though but her eye looks horrible!!! I hope you all have a great new years eve!!!  Please be careful!  We are headed to chris and dorsey's to play wii!  LOL!!!  we are totally obsessed!  I will be home though around 9:30 and i'm hoping to stay awake to see the new year.  I'm not sure i'll be able to!  HEHEHE!  Happy New Year!


Allison said...

Thank you so much sweet friend for keeping Bleeze for me! I love the picture of the two of them. They are precious. He said he had lots of fun! Love you bunches!!!!!

Dorothy said...

aww, little ava!!!!