christmas shopping

Hello again!  Yesterday I went Christmas shopping (helping Santa).  I haven't really done any shopping because all of our gifts have come from The Glazing Pot.  We actually went last night to do hand prints (for the 5 millionth time).  When we put the plate on the table Ava who is only 1 year old automatically spreads her little tiny hand and puts it on the table.  She knows exactly what to do!!!  LOL!!  Anyways, i went to walmart.   I really wanted to go to the new one on Pelham because it is SOOOOO nice but i had to go to the christian bookstore which is right beside the walmart on woodruff.  Ok, I have become a MAJOR germaphobe.  Maybe thanks to allison,  hehehe!  That walmart was like a germ pool.  ewwww!  I sanatized like a million times while in there.  There are soooo many sicknesses going around that i don't want them, especially the stomach bug.  Anyways, the trip was VERY successful!  My sitter and friend from childhood Jessica (jessa as my girls call her) came and saved the day and let me go while she stayed with them!  It was nice.  Santa is bringing a playhouse for outside but i also got the fisher price cool school computer thingy?  I hope anna likes it!  And ava is getting that rocking zebra thing.  I searched prices from EVERYWHERE and walmart is the best by FAR!!  Kmart was the most expensive by $20!!!  Anyways, they are getting a few more little things but the playhouse is the biggy!!I'm hopefully going to finish and start wrapping.  I have Bible Study tonight so I have to catch up on reading the excellent wife.  Oh my!  Have a wonderful festive day!   oh, i forgot to tell a short funny story!  Yesterday anna wouldn't go to sleep for her nap.  She did stay in her room though.  When i went to get her to go to the glazing pot i went in her room and she was standing there with 4 pairs on pajama pants on and 4 pajama shirts on!  And she was going to keep putting more on!!!!  I don't know how she got that many on her little body!  Nevertheless, I couldn't keep my composure and busted out into laughter!!!  Just another reason to be a mommy!  LOL!!!