Merry Christmas Everybody!

Christmas Eve!!  We even snuck a shot of santa!
On Christmas Eve we usually do Christmas with  my grandparents.  Next year it will be christmas night with my parents a brother so we'll combine it!  YAY!  Anna got a tea set and Ava LOVED it.  I couldn't believe she liked it! This was before presents were opened. Anna got to open hers from aunt millie.
Ok. this skips a little ahead to christmas night.  I always am in charge of the festivities and cooking.  I cooked from 11:00 - 6:00.  It was worth it though!  It was yummmmO! My parents, anna, aunt mo and uncle b! Ok, back to Christmas morn!  Anna got the color wonder paint set and made MANY masterpieces!!! THey really are beautiful! Here was the BIG present.  The playhouse.  I love this thing!  I could live in it!!!
Even daddy has a cup of tea! Friday we had Christmas with Jon's parents and his brother chris, and sis in law dorsey and their kids.  Molly Blair got a dress up set that she brought for her and anna~ they were SO cute!!!  Oh, and mine and jon and chris and dorsey's presents from jons parents were AWESOME!!!!   We got a wii!!!!!  Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!  I am so very sore!
Our princesses were dining in royalty!  LOL!
Here is the ward clan!  5 grandchildren in 3 years from 2 sons!  We work fast! Here is the Cox side of the family.  We go to my dad's parents in the lower part of sc for the weekend after christmas.  We have the family reunion on the sunday after christmas!  So this is my large side of the fam! And here are my cousins (minus jon and brian at the top and morgan beside me:))   So we had a fantastic Christmas!!!  2 nights before christmas i was listening to Delila (sp?) and she and this woman were talking about the real meaning of Christmas.  It was so awesome and then she played Mary did you Know and i cried and cried while drinking my hot chocolate beside the Christmas tree.  It was such a sweet time spent with God.  Jon was outside and i had all the lights off except the christmas lights.  It was an awakening to my hectic life!  Anyways....i hope you all had a great Christmas too!