happy holidays!

So our lives have been rather festive i guess you could say!  This week we have embraced december.  hehehe!  we decorated ginger bread houses, hosted a party, and went to the Greenville Christmas Parade.  Tomorrow we are off to the Simpsonville parade so i'm sure more pics will be posted tomorrow.  We went with the Bagwells to the parade tonight and had sooooo much fun!!!  we met them and ate at subway and tried to get a spot to atleast see the parade.  Well, the kids saw the parade on top of shoulders!  LOL!!  Me and allison had fun talking but it sure was cold!  After the parade me, jon, and the girls went through the Hyatt and took pics of the tree outside and we strolled throught the Festival of Trees.  I just LOVE it there!!!  My grandmother used to do a tree when she was alive and i am thinking of starting the tradition back next year.  We shall see.  We had a lot of fun going out.  I told Anna that after Mommy and Daddy got married we went to the Hyatt and had a BIG party.  She asked me if everyone sang happy birthday to us!  LOL!!! so cute!  her are some pics of our fun festive week....
HAHAHAHA!!  I looked like jon did about 10 mins earlier b/c anna was on my shoulders.  We are going to have to have adjustments. LOL!!
and we were freezing but enjoying!!!
Eli was telling them a story to keep them occupied while waiting.
They were VERY in to it!!
And allison is now telling them a story as well.  LOL!!
Eating at subway.
The finished gingerbread house!
Chic Affair girls Our gathering Fun with my girl! We are working.
hope you enjoy this holiday season as much as we do !!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Allison said...

We had fun too my sweet friend! Hope you guys have fun at Simpsonville it is too cold today for me! LOL! I look half crazy in that picture with Ava. LOL! Love you!

All these B's and Me! said...

I just ran across your cute blog & wanted to say hello. I'm a SC Native as well. :o)