halloween is almost here!

It's almost here!  I'm rather excited.  Last night we went to paint pottery (without jon, he had to look at a job) but i forgot it takes me forever to just pick out the pieces so that's all we did.  It was fun visiting with julie at the glazing pot!  She is so fun!  I totally had a mind lapse yesterday when i wrote my blog.  I read Allison's and i was like how did i forget to put this.  Yesterday we went to pump it up with allison and bleeze.  They are soooo fun to watch.  They play house every time they get together.  Bleeze is anna's best friend.  They are just halarious with all the curls bouncing!! LOL!  Last night we got home and jon came home early to help get the girls baths. Ava didn't make it to stay up to watch charlie brown but we popped popcorn and watched it downstairs on the "big tv".  It was cold though!  its freezing "literally" right now.  well i'm going to make coffee and breakfast.  have a fab day!


fun times!

Hello all!  I have been really slack on blogging.  It's just really hard to find time.  Anyways....we have had some fun filled busy days lately!  I really don't think that we have had a free weekend since august and this weekend is sort of calm.  Halloween is soon approaching witch (LOL!) means the sweet and spooky children will be coming wanting tricks or treats.  If i don't go get some candy I guess they will be getting tricks from the wards.  HAHAHA!  it also means that christmas is in less than 2 MONTHS!!!!  WHOA!!!  Tonight Jon and i are taking the girls to the glazing pot to make the gifts for family.    We went apple picking 2 1/2 weeks ago and i have to post some pics!  It was beautiful!!!!!!  I had to take my parents camera b/c we lost ours for a while but it was found.  Long story short....don't ask a man to go look for something when it's lost b/c it may bite them and they still don't see it!  WHy did I trust him when he said it wasn't in his truck?!?!?  I found it last night in there.  Men!  My sweet girls have been pretty good.  Anna is beginning with an attitude and telling me NO which is shocking me!  I send her straight to time out and tell her she doesn't talk to mommy like that!  i really think it should be the terrible 3's rather than 2's.  Back to Halloween.  I'm going to take pics (now that the camera is back!) on Friday.  Anna and Ava will start out their day at Waffle House! LOL!  My dad takes them A LOT and on Halloween everyone there dresses up and they LOVE anna and ava.   So I will dress them up as well.  Anna is Fancy Nancy and Ava is a Halloween butterfly fairy thingy from Gymboree.  Really cute!  Me and anna just got finished making her basket "FANCY".  LOL!  Then I'm cooking a apple cider beef and pumpkin stew thing that looks really good  and paninis.  This is what we did last year so  i think it is now tradition.  My parents are coming and I invited Brian and mo today b/c they came last year too and jon's parents and my grandparents.  It's a fun time!  I'm thinking about dressing up at Snow White when anna leaves and when she comes to trick or treat at our house Snow White will be here!  I'm not sure yet though if I'm going to do it.  Well, I'm going to do my bible study devotion.  I could so take a nap too!  It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown comes on tonight at 8!!!  We have it and have seen it like 100 times already this season but it's different when it's on TV.  We are excited!!! Hope everyone has a great day and stays warm....it's only 49 degrees and it's 3 PM! 



now i was not going to do the whole political thing this year because i got REALLY bent out of shape about it last election and i said I wouldn't let it this time around. Last time i wasn't married and didn't have children so i had time to be concerned and wear my bush pens and stickers and everything but now that i have kiddos i haven't really paid much attention. I know that God already knows and is in control of what is going to come of this whole thing but I'm really having to put my faith and trust in him. My Bible study and devotions are really lifting me up but I still feel like I need to say this. I'm voting for John McCain. Many republicans seem to not be behind this man 100% but you still need to back him. In the primaries here in SC i didn't vote for him. I really liked Fred Thompson. Well....he was out soon. LOL! Now I am totally backing McCain. He is our man! The thought that Barack Obama could be our next president is quite unnerving. We don't need a rookie in our world today. HELLO????? what are you people thinking? The world cannot have peace by a handshake! I'm sorry but that is just not going to fly. I feel that Obama is very naive. I don't feel comfortable having someone lead our country that doesn't seem to have a clear perspective on things. Man, he sure does make wonderful speeches and sermons but the problem is that i just don't really believe them. I'm not sure but he does have muslum background and don't you think he may give Iran a little leway. Israel is a great friend of ours and if America knows what is good for her she will keep it that way! God is wanting and calling to all the Americans to make the right choice. Come on people....don't you want our children to experience the freedom we do? I don't want to live in fear the way I did the 6 months after 9.11. I was in TOTAL fear! Biden himself said an attack would be made on the US immediately after (IF) Obama was elected and he didn't know what Obama's response would be. What?!?!?! You know....President Bush made some mistake but who doesn't? Atleast he acted after the attacks and obviously it worked because we had not had another like that since! I feel like I'm living in freedom again! Now we don't need to lose it! If you are at all intelligent and want your children and decendants to know the freedom you have today then make the right choice and vote McCain Palin.


what happens when the kids are at home and we are away....

here are some of the pictures (of 90 that were taken) from nick and courtney's reception! AWESOME TIME!!!!! We really had a lot of fun ... as you can probably tell. What an amazing time it was! THis is a QUICK entry b/c i'm finally back online (charter communications is really horrible. I don't know why we continue to stay). I have to take ava for her 1 year portraits at 5:30 so.....i'll post more maybe tonight or tomorrow! Enjoy!!!! I just realized karen's pic with jon's tie isnt on here!!! I'll put it on the next post! Sorry karen!!!! Jon and Brent Maybe this is why there was so much fun being had!?! They had an awesome martini bar with an ice sculpure that the martini was poured through!!!!! I can't believe i didn't take a pic of that!!!!! ok...a little to drink! LOL!! What?!?!?! we are without children! Jon and COurtney! and the wildness has begun! Not sure. yay for us! nicholas!!!! our little crew minus ryan and steph and court and the night thank goodness is ending....LOL!!!


Nick and Courtney's Rehearsal Dinner

Last night was Nick and Courtney's Rehearsal and dinner. Jon had said that he didn't have to be at the rehearsal, later to find out he was supposed to be there. We didn't make it! We did however make it to the dinner. We had so much fun hanging out with old friends! We had bbq and wine (wierd combo!). I actually had sweet tea and 1 glass of wine. I just love my sweet tea!!! I'm now in the hotel (which is very nice!!!) getting ready to pick the girls up some things at the outlets. Me and Karen are going at 11. I tried to sleep late but ryan called and woke jon so it also woke me and now i can't go back to sleep. I guess i'll try again tomorrow. Here are some pics. ryan and jon just being typical. Ryan Jon Me and Karen. It was raining and it was outside so NOT the greatest hair night for natural curl!!! Us girls.....this was after karen's like 8th glass of wine! LOL!!!!! We were about to leave. HAHAHA! Nick and Ryan Lentz


getting ready for my vacay!

I'm waiting on clothes to get finished in the wash and dryer so I can finish packing. Actually it probably won't get done until tomorrow a.m. We (jon and i) are leaving around noon tomorrow for Nick and Courtney's wed. It is in SUmmerville and we are staying in a hotel down there for the weekend. I'm so excited!!! Jon is supposed to go surfing with the guys sat. a.m. but it is supposed to rain and be like 62 degrees. Whatever! Jon has never surfed in his life. I won't be there to see it though b/c i'm staying in bed as LOOOOOONG as i am able to. NO CHILDREN! nobody to come in the room at 6:30 and tell me the sun is awake. I'm going to miss my girls sooooo much but I really am glad to be getting this short vacation. I can't wait to sleep like i'm a teen again! LOL! Today my dad took anna on one of their fun trips to WAHO. (YAYAYAYAY!!! Clemson just scored! FINALLY!!! C-L-E-M-S-O-N!!!!) anyways...she loves the waffle house! I think she likes time with her pappy and seeing dolly and all her friends at waho. Then he took her to their house and me and ava ate lunch with anna and my mom. we came back and all took a nap. I had Bible study tonight at Grace. I love my small group at bible study. THey are awesome listeners. I'm so thankful to be a part of Grace. I feel that i have grown so much since we have been there and that we can grow so much more! I'm excited everyweek and i'm totally sad that we are missing this sunday. i'll just listen on podcast. Tommy and allison are taking the boys away this weekend too so i can't get filled in by her. My parents are coming to our house to stay with the girls! Anna is soooo thrilled!!!! She just loves them! Thank you mom and daddy for keeping them!!!!! Now ava doesn't want to come to me if she is with either of my parents. they have their hearts!! hehehe. Well....jon is telling me i have to get productive and iron his shirts so i guess i'm going to go. I'm taking this computer with me and i pray they have wifi. Jon will be with the guys most of the time and so i guess i'll be in the room. i hope they have a jacuzzi tub b/c i may live in it the whole weekend while he's gone!!! AHHHH....a bubble bath and my ipod and a book......PEACE!!!!! LOL! pray that we have a safe trip. we will be passing brian's wreck site and that is always unnerving. Have a fab weekend!!!!


Today i decided to do an indoor activity because of the rain outside (which btw is VERY nice!!!). We baked cookies and then decorated them. The kitchen is now clean again!!!! Here are the pics i took while little martha stewart decorated. LOL!!! Today has been a trying day so far. My patience is wearing very thin with anna. She has been potty trained for about 3 months or more? She has had like 3 accidents in the past 2 days. It's sooooo frustrating! She used to want to go the potty "all by myself" but now she wont go unless I'm with her and if someone doesn't go with her she will just do it in her pants b/c she will wait so long. She also is extremely whiny! If something doesn't go her way look out! She will fall in the floor in tears. It is now 4:38 and I hear her upstairs running around and ava is still awake. Needless to say, they should be taking a nap! I'm going to work on my Bible study homework so maybe that will help me simmer down. Decorating those cookies were a great time with her but when she wanted ANOTHER cookie and i said not right now...OHHHHH MY!!!! I am ready for a vacation this weekend!!!!! Now, I love my girls but it is time for a vacay! Tonight is cake class and tomorrow night is Bible study at Grace. Looking forward to it. Then Friday we leave for Summerville to see Nick get married!!!! Yay!! A vacay for me and the hubby! FINALLY! Hope you all have a wonderful evening!


Anna and Ava's Birthdays!

Anna and Ava's Birthdays (sept.18 and 19): Here are a few photos of the girls wonderful days! They had a great time at their parties. Ava had a cupcake party for her 1st and Anna had a fairy party for her 3rd! It was quite a good time with friends and families. Anna had a hard time at Ava's wondering why she didn't get any presents but she did just fine. LOL! The cakes were made by me so let me know if you would like to hire me to do yours...i love creating them!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!!!! And yes...even us moms HAD to join in on the fun!!!! Here comes the sniffling part....these were pics from last year!!!! Wow how they have grown!!!! These (except the one of me and ava) were taken a year ago yesterday!!!! Happy Anniversary Brian and Morgan!!!!

First time for everything...

The fall season is a new beginning for me so i thought I would start blogging. I'm hoping this will be awesome for me as well as for you. We'll see how it goes....