getting ready for my vacay!

I'm waiting on clothes to get finished in the wash and dryer so I can finish packing. Actually it probably won't get done until tomorrow a.m. We (jon and i) are leaving around noon tomorrow for Nick and Courtney's wed. It is in SUmmerville and we are staying in a hotel down there for the weekend. I'm so excited!!! Jon is supposed to go surfing with the guys sat. a.m. but it is supposed to rain and be like 62 degrees. Whatever! Jon has never surfed in his life. I won't be there to see it though b/c i'm staying in bed as LOOOOOONG as i am able to. NO CHILDREN! nobody to come in the room at 6:30 and tell me the sun is awake. I'm going to miss my girls sooooo much but I really am glad to be getting this short vacation. I can't wait to sleep like i'm a teen again! LOL! Today my dad took anna on one of their fun trips to WAHO. (YAYAYAYAY!!! Clemson just scored! FINALLY!!! C-L-E-M-S-O-N!!!!) anyways...she loves the waffle house! I think she likes time with her pappy and seeing dolly and all her friends at waho. Then he took her to their house and me and ava ate lunch with anna and my mom. we came back and all took a nap. I had Bible study tonight at Grace. I love my small group at bible study. THey are awesome listeners. I'm so thankful to be a part of Grace. I feel that i have grown so much since we have been there and that we can grow so much more! I'm excited everyweek and i'm totally sad that we are missing this sunday. i'll just listen on podcast. Tommy and allison are taking the boys away this weekend too so i can't get filled in by her. My parents are coming to our house to stay with the girls! Anna is soooo thrilled!!!! She just loves them! Thank you mom and daddy for keeping them!!!!! Now ava doesn't want to come to me if she is with either of my parents. they have their hearts!! hehehe. Well....jon is telling me i have to get productive and iron his shirts so i guess i'm going to go. I'm taking this computer with me and i pray they have wifi. Jon will be with the guys most of the time and so i guess i'll be in the room. i hope they have a jacuzzi tub b/c i may live in it the whole weekend while he's gone!!! AHHHH....a bubble bath and my ipod and a book......PEACE!!!!! LOL! pray that we have a safe trip. we will be passing brian's wreck site and that is always unnerving. Have a fab weekend!!!!