Anna and Ava's Birthdays!

Anna and Ava's Birthdays (sept.18 and 19): Here are a few photos of the girls wonderful days! They had a great time at their parties. Ava had a cupcake party for her 1st and Anna had a fairy party for her 3rd! It was quite a good time with friends and families. Anna had a hard time at Ava's wondering why she didn't get any presents but she did just fine. LOL! The cakes were made by me so let me know if you would like to hire me to do yours...i love creating them!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!!!! And yes...even us moms HAD to join in on the fun!!!! Here comes the sniffling part....these were pics from last year!!!! Wow how they have grown!!!! These (except the one of me and ava) were taken a year ago yesterday!!!! Happy Anniversary Brian and Morgan!!!!


Dorothy said...

welcome to blogspot, my blog friend!! I've got to link you from my page!! Yay!!!

the birthday pics are fabulous! Omg, cant believe how much they have changed in a year!!

Linds said...

The girls are beautiful!! They are growing up so fast. I love their birthday cakes...I am actually taking a cake decorating class this month because I also love to bake and decorate :)