yay AVA!!!

Our day has turned out to be so exciting!  This election has not been the exciting part.  Probably more nerve racking.  Poor allison will have an ulcer by tomorrow.  ANYWAYS.... tonight Jon and I were in the floor playing with the girls and i was watching Ava as she stood BY HERSELF!!!  My eyes got HUGE and jon was like what?  I said LOOK!  she took her FIRST 3 steps towards me and is now walking!!!!!!!  HOW AWESOME!!!!  I am so excited!  but a little bit of sadness is in me too.  If ava is going to be our las (which is most probably possible) then that was my last first walker.  That is one of the BIGGEST firsts!  BOOOOHOOOO!  but, i'm very glad jon and i both were there to see it.  I'm so far behind on pics and i did take some of that.  I was going to post but jon took the camera with him.  He has gone to my parents to help santa build the girls playhouse.  I just wanted to share our exciting news!!!!  Have an awesome night and don't stay up all night with the election.  We probably won't really know who won for a week or so.  LOL!

election day

And so here it is.  Here, finally!  Election day.  Who will you vote for?  You may have already voted and I surely hope you voted for McCain.  I am going to vote as soon as my mom arrives to get the girls and stay with them.  Jon went this am at 6:20 and there were like 30 people in line.  I'm praying today for a great outcome for this country.  I am not even turning the tv on b/c i'm so over listening to the liberal stations.  We are listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!  Actually the CARPENTERS are on!!!!!!!!  have yourself a merry little christmas.  When i was a little girl this is what my mom would play while we put Christmas up.  SO FUN!  Now when it comes on we say, I hear Karen!  LOL!  Anna is coloring like a big girl and ava is eating her muffins.  I took Ava to the dr. yesterday and she has an ear infection.  First ever of the ward girls!  I couldn't believe it!  Oh well.  she is taking her amoxicillin good though.   Yesterday I also found out that our friends' little boy doesn't have a good prognosis.  They are not expecting him to make it much longer.  My heart hurts for them so bad.  Connor is such a sweet little thing and his life has impacted many people.  Just please help us pray for peace and strength and comfort.  God is so good but I just don't understand things sometimes.  Please have a great day and VOTE McCAIN! 


what children say...

My little anna can say things that make me smile and laugh and cry all at the same time!  She is so funny.  I just got off the phone with my mother and she said Please write some of these things down so I decided to blog them.  I'm currently in the bed (8:41pm after we fall back tonight) trying to work off a terrible headache.  So anyways.....here are some of her recent funnies.  Tonight she spotted the moon when we left Moe's.  So we went to toys r us to see what we wanted santa to bring and she was continuing to watch the moon.  On the way home she said Look Mommy!  The moon is going home with us!  It's following us home!  She was so excited and it was so sweet and innocent!  The next incident was this past week when we all had been fighting or either getting over sinus issues.  She came into my room one morning and said, "Mommy, my nose isn't working."  I was like WHAT?!?!?!  then i asked if she couldn't breathe and i realized what she meant!  LOL!  The other one was last night and my mom was here with the rest of the fam and Brian and Morgan's dog lilly was here as well.  I went upstairs with Anna and she was calling for Jon.  I went into her room and she pointed and said Mommy what is that?!?!?  Lilly had pooped in her room.  My mother then went and cleaned it up and so she and Jon tucked Anna in.  Anna sleeps with a HUGE minnie and mickey and my mom told anna that minnie and mickey had gone trick or treating and that they were "pooped".  My mom and jon continued their own conversation and anna finally sat up and said MINNIE AND MICKEY POOPED!!!????  she pulled up minnie's dress and was very concerned and nervous!  HOW halarious!!!!  I just love moments like these.  THey make motherhood the BEST job of all!