election day

And so here it is.  Here, finally!  Election day.  Who will you vote for?  You may have already voted and I surely hope you voted for McCain.  I am going to vote as soon as my mom arrives to get the girls and stay with them.  Jon went this am at 6:20 and there were like 30 people in line.  I'm praying today for a great outcome for this country.  I am not even turning the tv on b/c i'm so over listening to the liberal stations.  We are listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!  Actually the CARPENTERS are on!!!!!!!!  have yourself a merry little christmas.  When i was a little girl this is what my mom would play while we put Christmas up.  SO FUN!  Now when it comes on we say, I hear Karen!  LOL!  Anna is coloring like a big girl and ava is eating her muffins.  I took Ava to the dr. yesterday and she has an ear infection.  First ever of the ward girls!  I couldn't believe it!  Oh well.  she is taking her amoxicillin good though.   Yesterday I also found out that our friends' little boy doesn't have a good prognosis.  They are not expecting him to make it much longer.  My heart hurts for them so bad.  Connor is such a sweet little thing and his life has impacted many people.  Just please help us pray for peace and strength and comfort.  God is so good but I just don't understand things sometimes.  Please have a great day and VOTE McCAIN!