our new pup!

Sunday we got a dog.  She is so cute!   Her name is Marley and she is a maltipoo.  she sill be tiny forever (hopefully!).  Here are some pictures.  We went to my parents and let the girls play around today and took Marley with us.  



I haven't seen this much snow in a LOOOONG time!  We got 6 1/2 inches at our house!  It was so pretty watching it fall.  I had given up hope on getting snow this year but it was so worth the wait!  Anna of course loved it but ava was not so into it.  She wanted to be inside eating. LOL!  she did have her first sledding experience and it went good so maybe she will love it like the rest of us!  Here are some pictures of our fun snow day!!!
our chairs out in the back yard anna and wyatt sledding molly blair and anna playing woodruff road!!! poor ava can't hardly move looking out our backyard still out the backyard out the front door out our front yard!  beautiful! i got up EARLY b/f the kids started playing anna's playhouse when it started snowing right when it started.  they are looking out the window =) very unsure it fell FAST and HUGE flakes!!! loving it!