what happens when the kids are at home and we are away....

here are some of the pictures (of 90 that were taken) from nick and courtney's reception! AWESOME TIME!!!!! We really had a lot of fun ... as you can probably tell. What an amazing time it was! THis is a QUICK entry b/c i'm finally back online (charter communications is really horrible. I don't know why we continue to stay). I have to take ava for her 1 year portraits at 5:30 so.....i'll post more maybe tonight or tomorrow! Enjoy!!!! I just realized karen's pic with jon's tie isnt on here!!! I'll put it on the next post! Sorry karen!!!! Jon and Brent Maybe this is why there was so much fun being had!?! They had an awesome martini bar with an ice sculpure that the martini was poured through!!!!! I can't believe i didn't take a pic of that!!!!! ok...a little to drink! LOL!! What?!?!?! we are without children! Jon and COurtney! and the wildness has begun! Not sure. yay for us! nicholas!!!! our little crew minus ryan and steph and court and the night thank goodness is ending....LOL!!!