catching up time!

ok.....i'm sooooo far behind.  i know iknow!  i've been busy and sick all at the same time!  today is relaxation day and tomorrow is back at it.  so here are some pics to catch you up with what's happening in my life!  hehehe!
here is my cake i made for my mom last week when we went out for her birthday "early".  we had to throw her off b/c i threw a big surprise party last night (on her real bday).  Pics of that are to come.  she has my camera right now anyways so no downloads yet.
this pic is just priceless and i had to post!!!  HAHAHA!!  this was decorating for christmas!
ava's first steps!!!! So exciting!!!  Now she is EVERYWHERE!!!! and only on two limbs.  hehehe!
halloween!!  Look, snow white showed up when anna came to trick or treat at her own house.  (it was actually me:) )  and she had NO clue it was me!!! i don't think ava knows either. LOL!
our fancy nancy!!
visiting mrs. julie at the glazing pot!  making christmas presents!
anna and bleeze on their date at mimi's.  They are soooooo cute!!!
this was mine and jon's day in charleston after nick and courtney's wedding.  we had a great time hangin out down there and eating with ryan and karen at my favorite restaurant ever....THe Brewery!  YUMO~~
ok....i will try my best to do better!!!  


Megan said...

Brandi - your Snow White is awesome!

Brandi said...

LOL!!! I got that costume in high school for a little girl that i babysat (she is now cheering for hillcrest! How old do i feel!). Anna had NO idea it was me! SOOOO FUNNY!! Thanks!