halloween is almost here!

It's almost here!  I'm rather excited.  Last night we went to paint pottery (without jon, he had to look at a job) but i forgot it takes me forever to just pick out the pieces so that's all we did.  It was fun visiting with julie at the glazing pot!  She is so fun!  I totally had a mind lapse yesterday when i wrote my blog.  I read Allison's and i was like how did i forget to put this.  Yesterday we went to pump it up with allison and bleeze.  They are soooo fun to watch.  They play house every time they get together.  Bleeze is anna's best friend.  They are just halarious with all the curls bouncing!! LOL!  Last night we got home and jon came home early to help get the girls baths. Ava didn't make it to stay up to watch charlie brown but we popped popcorn and watched it downstairs on the "big tv".  It was cold though!  its freezing "literally" right now.  well i'm going to make coffee and breakfast.  have a fab day!


Dorothy said...

hello my dear friend. miss seeing you. sometimes i feel like anderson is just as far away as cali!! you must post halloween pictures as soon as u get them. let's see each other soon, ok?! love u!!!