trying to be optimistic

I have been very different for this election than past.  I have learned that I need to respect the authority that has been chosen for our country.  I have really felt that I have done this since this morning i have learned that the gov't funding for abortion groups is going to begin and the prison at guantanimo (sp?) bay is being closed.  

ok, the abortion issue is one that my friend allison and i have discussed.  I am totally against it and she is as well.  She has said (and i agree) how can people who say they are Christians vote and support someone who is for abortion and thinks it is ok.  The Bible says it is wrong!  Tommy made a great point by saying what will all the people who voted for him say to God when the blood of these little babies are on their hands?  And as for the prison issue, they will bring these terrorists into prisons in the USA!!!!  Does that NOT scare you!?!?!  I'm really trusting God and trying not to have a spirit of fear but of sound mind.  Obama is now over our country and so i will respect his authority and i will really pray for him!  He NEEDS God's direction and as of right now I'm just not feelin' it!  I hope you all will join with me in continually praying for him b/c it will affect your future and your children's futures!
Oh, and side note......hopefully our household is on the mend.  Ava spiked a little fever again yesterday and dr. jones put me at ease.  Poor guy had to hear me crying over the phone!  Her fever was gone last night so we are hoping it is just maybe teething.  Hopefully new floors will be going in soon since jon is well again!  We are going to a parenting conference this weekend at church and I'm soooo excited about it!  It will hopefully show me some ways to make our household a little more peaceful!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Allison said...

Girl, you know I am praying. I just don't get it??? We can not torture the men who want to destory our country as well as Israel but we can kill unborn innocent babies...crazy!!!!

Glad everyone is doing better. Love ya!