funny anna

I had to share this funny story!  Anna came up to me and said I'm going to be Dr. Jones (her ped.).  So she comes up and says Mommy, did you have a bad day?  What happened to you last week?  I'm going to squish you!  (that means take bloodpressure)  Then she takes my temp. and says You have a smiley face (a smiley face and frown face is on her play thermometer, obviously i didn't have a fever=)).  So then she says can i listen to your heart?  So she listens and says I don't hear anything!  You are good!  She has all the dr. bag and all the goods!  She then gives me a play knife and says You are all better!  Here is your Lollipop!!!   LOL!!!!  She just replayed her dr. appointments to a T!  

Taryn, if you read this, tell Stephen he has taught her well!  LOL!!