i'm going to win!

Those of you who have facebook have probably noticed that my immediate family has been sick (especially ava) A LOT this fall and winter!  Well, this week ava went to her dr. jones TWICE!  Now, i really like stephen, but we've seen him more than i'd like to in 1 week.  We went Mon. and she was much better.  We went last wed. and she had the beginnings of walking pneumonia!  OMG!  So, she was on meds and was MUCH better Mon.  Jon woke up tues. morning and went to work not feeling really well.  Normally he gets over it in an hour.  He NEVER gets sick!!  He has been in the bed since 1:00 tues.  LITERALLY!  Today, ava had a temp of 102.2 ON MOTRIN!  So we went back to see dr. jones to find she now has an ear infection.  This is all very new to me even though i'm a mother of 2.  Anna is like jon.  she has never been on an antibiotic and she is 3!  AMAZING!  well, this is ava's 4 round of antibiotics since nov.  and her 3rd ear infection.  

My nerves are gone!  I've cried with almost everyone i spoke with today.  I feel that our family is really where God is wanting us to be and idk if he is testing my trust and strength or what but I'm going to overcome this.  Satan is knowing right where to get me with fear and worry of my children, family and self.  I'm going to keep on going and seeking God.  I'm in tears of how this is affecting me.  I'm mentally and physically drained.  Please help me pray that God will get me through this tough time.  We have literally been sick all fall and winter.   I am feeling so helpless because i'm washing hands and trying all i can do to keep us well.  We have discovered though that one of the major problems is our carpet upstairs.  That is going to be replace ASAP with wood.  Hopefully this will eliminate sickness.  We may also have to get rid of our dog of 5 years (if ava is allergic)!  I'm really struggling right now and would love some prayers my way.  We really are truly blessed when i stand back and look at the situation because it could be MUCH worse!  God is putting me through this for a reason.  Maybe to just make me stronger!!  Thank you all!!!  Much love!


Allison said...

Sweetz, I left you a comment on facebook! I love you and you are going to make it through this. God is working in your favor and by his stripes you are all healed. Just keep believing, keep pressing on, keep claiming his promises! He has never and will never leave you or forsake you. I am praying for complete healing and health for all of you! Please call me if you need me. I love you!

Megan said...

I hope everyone is on the mend! Let me know if I can do anything!