man, i'm behind!

So the Ward's lives have been needless to say....mmm busy!  I haven't blogged in so long and i have so many pics and events that happened that i don't know that i can remember them all.  I've got to get better about this!!!  So, here it goes.  The first pictures are of us at the carriage rides in Ft. Inn.  My previous blog tells our incident! LOL!
Here is anna before our accident!
And here are the Ward's.  This was our Christmas card picture this year.  LOL!  This is always a fun experience!  Doesn't Ava look like she is done!
After the Simpsonville Christmas Parade we went with Grammie and Pappy to Tony's Pizza.  Here are my mom and anna waiting patiently and coloring. hhehehehe!
I mean really!  Can ava even see?!?!
It was soooooo cold we had to bundle tight! Even us the parents are enjoying the parade.  We even got on the tribune times website. hehehe! Anna was VERY excited! I will post Christmas week on the next post.


Dorothy said...

ok, so i usually comment on your completely adorable girls, but i had to tell you that i love that pic of you and jon! hot couple! your sunglasses are rockstar, very chic!!

oh and I MISS U!