yay AVA!!!

Our day has turned out to be so exciting!  This election has not been the exciting part.  Probably more nerve racking.  Poor allison will have an ulcer by tomorrow.  ANYWAYS.... tonight Jon and I were in the floor playing with the girls and i was watching Ava as she stood BY HERSELF!!!  My eyes got HUGE and jon was like what?  I said LOOK!  she took her FIRST 3 steps towards me and is now walking!!!!!!!  HOW AWESOME!!!!  I am so excited!  but a little bit of sadness is in me too.  If ava is going to be our las (which is most probably possible) then that was my last first walker.  That is one of the BIGGEST firsts!  BOOOOHOOOO!  but, i'm very glad jon and i both were there to see it.  I'm so far behind on pics and i did take some of that.  I was going to post but jon took the camera with him.  He has gone to my parents to help santa build the girls playhouse.  I just wanted to share our exciting news!!!!  Have an awesome night and don't stay up all night with the election.  We probably won't really know who won for a week or so.  LOL!


Allison said...

So sweet! Baby Ava walking... I am stroking about this election. I cannot believe people! UGGHHH! Talk to you tomorrow. Love you!