Nick and Courtney's Rehearsal Dinner

Last night was Nick and Courtney's Rehearsal and dinner. Jon had said that he didn't have to be at the rehearsal, later to find out he was supposed to be there. We didn't make it! We did however make it to the dinner. We had so much fun hanging out with old friends! We had bbq and wine (wierd combo!). I actually had sweet tea and 1 glass of wine. I just love my sweet tea!!! I'm now in the hotel (which is very nice!!!) getting ready to pick the girls up some things at the outlets. Me and Karen are going at 11. I tried to sleep late but ryan called and woke jon so it also woke me and now i can't go back to sleep. I guess i'll try again tomorrow. Here are some pics. ryan and jon just being typical. Ryan Jon Me and Karen. It was raining and it was outside so NOT the greatest hair night for natural curl!!! Us girls.....this was after karen's like 8th glass of wine! LOL!!!!! We were about to leave. HAHAHA! Nick and Ryan Lentz