fun times!

Hello all!  I have been really slack on blogging.  It's just really hard to find time.  Anyways....we have had some fun filled busy days lately!  I really don't think that we have had a free weekend since august and this weekend is sort of calm.  Halloween is soon approaching witch (LOL!) means the sweet and spooky children will be coming wanting tricks or treats.  If i don't go get some candy I guess they will be getting tricks from the wards.  HAHAHA!  it also means that christmas is in less than 2 MONTHS!!!!  WHOA!!!  Tonight Jon and i are taking the girls to the glazing pot to make the gifts for family.    We went apple picking 2 1/2 weeks ago and i have to post some pics!  It was beautiful!!!!!!  I had to take my parents camera b/c we lost ours for a while but it was found.  Long story short....don't ask a man to go look for something when it's lost b/c it may bite them and they still don't see it!  WHy did I trust him when he said it wasn't in his truck?!?!?  I found it last night in there.  Men!  My sweet girls have been pretty good.  Anna is beginning with an attitude and telling me NO which is shocking me!  I send her straight to time out and tell her she doesn't talk to mommy like that!  i really think it should be the terrible 3's rather than 2's.  Back to Halloween.  I'm going to take pics (now that the camera is back!) on Friday.  Anna and Ava will start out their day at Waffle House! LOL!  My dad takes them A LOT and on Halloween everyone there dresses up and they LOVE anna and ava.   So I will dress them up as well.  Anna is Fancy Nancy and Ava is a Halloween butterfly fairy thingy from Gymboree.  Really cute!  Me and anna just got finished making her basket "FANCY".  LOL!  Then I'm cooking a apple cider beef and pumpkin stew thing that looks really good  and paninis.  This is what we did last year so  i think it is now tradition.  My parents are coming and I invited Brian and mo today b/c they came last year too and jon's parents and my grandparents.  It's a fun time!  I'm thinking about dressing up at Snow White when anna leaves and when she comes to trick or treat at our house Snow White will be here!  I'm not sure yet though if I'm going to do it.  Well, I'm going to do my bible study devotion.  I could so take a nap too!  It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown comes on tonight at 8!!!  We have it and have seen it like 100 times already this season but it's different when it's on TV.  We are excited!!! Hope everyone has a great day and stays warm....it's only 49 degrees and it's 3 PM!